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Whether it for one tooth or your whole smile, we first assess your oral health and make time to understand your expectations. We can use any combination of cosmetic dentistry techniques to enhance your smile. At Oxon Dental Care we offer…

Tooth Whitening

We use Optident White Dental Beauty professional tooth whitening system at Oxon Dental Care, which we have found to have excellent results. This system is safe, effective and produces visible results in less than a week. It is very easy to use.

Jonathan will take impressions of your mouth to make a bespoke tray which fits your mouth. The patient lines the tray with the whitening gel provided and wears it at night. The process normally takes between 1 week and 10 days, after which time you will have lighter, whiter teeth to smile about.

White Fillings

White fillings are an alternative to amalgam (silver coloured) fillings in back teeth. The fillings themselves blend in with the natural colour of your teeth making them almost invisible.

White fillings combine strength and aesthetics. White fillings can be used for cosmetic repairs in front teeth and sometimes as an alternative to veneers or crowns.

If the decay is not too extensive, Jonathan can remove it and restore the tooth with a white filling.

Most silver amalgam fillings can be safely replaced with white tooth coloured fillings.

Dental decay occurs when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid in foods, producing a cavity (hole).


Dental Veneers are used to treat front teeth that are discoloured, stained, chipped or slightly misaligned. Dental veneers are made from dental porcelain and the shade is matched precisely to your teeth to create a natural appearance.  They are attached to the front surface of the tooth.

Dental veneers make teeth look natural and healthy, and because they are very thin and are held in place by a special strong bond.  Very little preparation of the tooth is needed.

Veneers are also used to close small gaps, when orthodontics (braces) are not suitable. If one tooth is slightly out of position, a veneer can sometimes be used to bring it into line with the others.


Dental Crowns are used to restore teeth that are weak because they are heavily filled, discoloured, broken or misaligned.

Crowning involves removing some of the tooth surface and fitting a colour matched ‘cap’ with the appearance of a natural tooth over the damaged or crooked tooth. Crowns can be used for front and back teeth, and may be made from either porcelain, gold alloy or a combination of both. Crowns can not only improve the appearance of teeth but are considerably stronger and more durable than larger fillings.

A crown is sometimes known as a ‘cap’ and are an ideal restoration for teeth that have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling.  Dental crowns are also used to protect a tooth which has a root filling and can be used to hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.


Dental bridges are used instead of a denture to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Conventional bridges, which comprise of one or more adjacent teeth, are prepared the same was as a dental crown. As with a crown the colour of the bridge is matched precisely to the existing teeth and the whole structure is cemented on permanently in one piece.

A dental bridge, as opposed to a denture, is usually used where there are fewer teeth to replace, or where the missing teeth are only on one side of the mouth. Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base.

There are a number of reasons for replacing missing teeth. Appearance is one reason. Another is that the gap left by a missing tooth can mean greater strain is put on the teeth at either side.

A gap can affect your ‘bite’, because the teeth next to the space can lean into the gap and alter the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. This can cause food to get trapped in the gap causing decay and gum disease.

Cosmetic Dentures

Replacing lost or missing teeth benefits for both health and appearance.

A complete or full cosmetic denture replaces the natural teeth and provides support for cheeks and lips. Without support, sagging facial muscles can make a person appear older and reduce their ability to eat and speak.

A cosmetic denture, unlike crowns and bridges, can be removed and replaces lost or missing teeth to enable you to enjoy a normal diet and smile with confidence. A complete or full denture is one that replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. A partial denture fills in the spaces created by lost or missing teeth and is attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.

The base of a cosmetic denture is called a plate and can be made of either acrylic (plastic) or metal. The teeth are normally made of acrylic and made to match your natural teeth, which is especially important in the case of partial dentures.

Over time, your dentures may become loose and not fit as well as they used to. If you don’t feel your dentures fit as securely as they used to or if they are visibly worn, get in touch with Oxon Dental Care to discuss your options.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can in many cases replace missing teeth. A dental implant substitutes the root of your missing tooth and support a crown, bridge or secure a denture firmly in place.

We refer patients to Anusha Mandadi for dental implants who Jonathan believes is best  in her field and perform implants with great care and patients interest. At Oxon Dental Care we ensure that the treatment goes smoothly and will colour match and fit the final crown, bridge or denture. It is a seamless way to ensure our patients have the very best care.

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