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At Oxon Dental Care we undertake all general dental treatment and preventative care.

For specialist treatment, we believe it is best to be seen by a specialist. This is somebody who performs this treatment day in and day out.

Therefore, where specialist treatment such as an implant is recommended we will refer you to a specialist that Jonathan feels excels in their field. Oxon Dental Care will liase between you the patient and the specialist to ensure you receive the best possible care and treatment.

Second Opinions

We are very happy to provide independent second opinions or the opportunity to discuss treatment plans without any commitment to join Oxon Dental Care.

Why is Visiting the Hygienist So Important?

We strongly believe that prevention is the best possible solution. Good dental hygiene and gum health is the foundation of all healthy mouths. Many people think of visiting the hygienist as just cosmetic.  It is so much more important than that.

Prevents Gum Disease

Gum disease causes bleeding gums, painful gums, bad breath and loose teeth. Gum disease can be treated, stopped and even reversed if caught in it’s early stages.  Kathryn and Paula will not only treat and prevent gum disease, but will give you the means to prevent it yourself at home with a more effective oral hygiene routine.

To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath or Halitosis is usually caused by a dental problem.

To Have a Whiter Smile

External stain that builds on your teeth cannot be removed by brushing alone. This stain is often the result of tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine or other dietary factors.  Visits to our hygienists will remove these stains and restore your teeth to their natural whiteness

Prevent Other Diseases

Poor dental hygiene has been linked to the development of several diseases including: heart disease, diabetes and respiratory problems.

To Prevent Oral Cancer

When you have a dental hygiene appointment our hygienists are also screening you for oral cancer. Oral cancer is highly curable if detected early.  Our hygienists will give you advice on risk factors for oral cancer and how to reduce them. Risk factors include smoking, alcohol and infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Stop Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums or seeing blood when you spit after brushing is a sign of gum inflammation. This can be an early sign of gum disease. If caught early by your hygienist, it is usually reversible.  The bleeding is stopped by your hygienist thoroughly cleaning hard deposits off your teeth and around your gums, then showing you how to prevent it from building up in the future.

Confidence in Your Smile

If your mouth feels clean, it makes you feel good.  If you feel your teeth are whiter or less stained, you feel confident to smile. The feeling of fresher breath makes us more comfortable when talking with people.

Detect Other Dental Problems

If you haven’t seen your dentist recently, your hygienist may be able to pick up on problems such as early decay, defective fillings or infections that you would have been otherwise unaware of.

Keep Your Teeth

Gum disease is the number one cause for an adult patient losing a tooth. When teeth become extremely loose in the later stages of gum disease, they can become painful or acutely infected.  Often this leaves no other option, but to remove the tooth. Sometimes teeth can become so loose, that they fall out on their own. It is the hygienist’s number one mission to prevent this happening, by treating and preventing gum disease.

Cleaning Those Hard To Reach Spots

It doesn’t matter how much and how well you brush and floss, or how much money you have just spent on the latest electric toothbrush, there will still be parts of your mouth that you just won’t be able to clean as effectively as a hygienist. A hygienist has instruments with just about every shape imaginable and the training to know exactly where the hidden tartar and plaque will be.